We will be using the AutomationPractice.com e-commerce web application site to walk you through how to apply AI-driven continuous test automation with Selenium and WebDriverIO.

Automation Practice is an Ecommerce Website to help you practice test automation exercises on a real-time e-commerce website.

It consists of different workflows for adding products to cart, checking out
from the cart, making payments, etc.

Screenshot for adding products to cart​ :-

Screenshot for checking out from the cart​ :-

Screenshot for making payments​ :-

Workflows can be automated using Test Automation scripts and this website is
a great practice candidate for doing that​ .

To help you assess what our new Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool can do to help you get more testing done in less time, we have started our blog with a description of the classic way that many many QA and Dev testers deploy their testing using Jira for planning and then a conventional test framework such as Mocha. Once we have quickly stepped you through what you know already, you can easily relate it to how we tackle the test project with the new Vitaq AI continuous test automation tool, helping you to answer the key questions of Why Vitaq AI? and Why Now?